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Never bolt your door with a boiled carrot

Carrots mentioned in Shaker Doors Blog

Yes, I know it sounds like I made this up, but "never bolt your door with a boiled carrot" is a real saying. It's a proverb, or a popular phrase that expresses a commonplace truth or useful advice. In this case, it is an Irish proverb. Of course, it is highly unlikely that anyone would actually try to bolt their door with a boiled carrot, rather, the implied meaning behind this proverb is that you should act carefully, and plan ahead for any potential future problems. If you were...

Back in time to the 1930's...

1930's style door1930's style doors

One of our recent clients had a problem. She needed replacement internal doors for her 1930's era house, but because of the non-standard dimensions, she was unable to find ready made doors that would fit. That's where we came in. We were able to make 1930's style doors to fit the unusual sizes, while maintaining the same proportion of stiles and rails in the design. Our client was delighted with the results. As you can see in these pictures, the doors really do look like they were made in the...

What's the connection between Doors, January, and the Romans?

The answer is Janus, the Roman god of doors and gateways!  He is depicted in ancient Roman culture as having two faces, one looking back, and one looking forward. In this way, it makes sense that the Romans named January after him, looking back at the old year whilst simultaneously looking forward to the new one. 

In his role of Guardian of Exits and Entrances, his image could be seen on many ancient Roman city gates and doors, and in Rome itself there were many temples dedicated to Janus. He also appears on Roman coins, as seen in...

Locking the TARDIS

How does Doctor Who lock his door?

The TARDIS is an instantly recognisable cultural icon, and we all know how it can travel through time and space. But, do you know the different ways the Doctor can lock and unlock his door? It’s not as straightforward as you might think…

*He has a key, which he carries with him, and sometimes gives copies of to his companions. The key fits a traditional-looking lock, which he uses to lock and unlock the TARDIS door, from both the inside and outside. Incidentally, did you know, that real police box doors opened...

When is a door lock not just a door lock?


Continuing our series about doors from around the world, this week’s blog is about elaborate wooden door locks from Mali.


The locks we use on our front doors are usually small and functional, simply there to keep out intruders and unwanted guests from our homes. However, the Bamana people of Mali, West Africa, used their door locks for other reasons, too.


The Bamana who?

The Bamana people are the largest ethnic minority in Mali. They are farmers, who traditionally live in houses made of mud, with wooden doors. In the past, they used big, elaborate wooden door...

Continuing our series about notable doors from around the world, this week’s blog is about a very famous British door

Often simply referred to as Number 10, there is no mistaking the building from which this door belongs. The door is so distinctive, that we all recognize it immediately as 10 Downing Street, London, the official residence and office of the Prime Minister. Although we think we all know this door, here are some surprising facts about the famous Number 10


Did you know that the door cannot be opened from the outside? Theres no outside handle, so you have to be let in from the inside.


Did you know that there are, in...

IKEA METOD and Shaker Doors

Shaker Drawer fronts fitted onto IKEA METOD

This week, we take a look at one of our most popular requests.


We frequently get asked if we can make doors to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets, and the answer is yes! We make bespoke doors to fit any new or existing kitchen cabinets, including the popular IKEA METOD kitchen range. Our bespoke doors are ideal for customising kitchen cabinets of any size or design, and they really add individual character and charm to your kitchen.


Our kitchen cabinet doors are a sturdy 22mm thick, compared...

Doors from Around the World


This is the first entry in our new blog series, looking at notable doors from around the world. This week, we take a look at a fictional door from Japan! 

This is the Dokodemo Door (or anywhere door) and it belongs to Doraemon, a blue robot cat from the 22nd century. Doraemon has been a popular manga character in Japan, ever since he first appeared in comics in 1969. Since then, he has appeared in countless TV animation series and movies, as well as in comic books. Think of him as a...

Work in Progress! 44mm Hardwood Doors by Shaker Doors


We’re making 4 Vertical Panel Hardwood Doors.

Unlike a standard door depth (34mm), the timber is 44mm thick, as our client is keen to ensure that these doors feel heavy and sturdy.

In this photo, the tulipwood has been cut and planed. The next stage will be creating the mortice and tennon joint.

Be sure to check our blog for more work in progress reports!


Shaker Doors for Pocket Doors


Looking for a wow-factor in your home or workplace? Consider adding pocket doors! These concealed sliding doors are a great room dividing solution for open plan spaces, especially dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchens and offices. Pocket doors are also a simple way to increase space in smaller rooms.


We recently supplied pocket doors to our client Mr Tebbutt in London. He wanted to use the Eclisse sliding door system for telescopic pocket doors, meaning that two doors have to have a rebate at a certain measurement. As a joinery company, we are familiar with Eclisse...

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