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Locking the TARDIS

How does Doctor Who lock his door?

The TARDIS is an instantly recognisable cultural icon, and we all know how it can travel through time and space. But, do you know the different ways the Doctor can lock and unlock his door? It’s not as straightforward as you might think…

*He has a key, which he carries with him, and sometimes gives copies of to his companions. The key fits a traditional-looking lock, which he uses to lock and unlock the TARDIS door, from both the inside and outside. Incidentally, did you know, that real police box doors opened outwards, but the TARDIS doors open inwards?

*The TARDIS keys have varied in design throughout the different series of Doctor Who. Usually, they are simple Yale keys, but occasionally, the keys have been embossed with alien patterns.

*In the 2005 series, the keys would heat up and start to glow when the TARDIS was arriving.

*In 2008, River Song showed the Doctor that he could open and close the TARDIS doors simply by snapping his fingers, which he has done in sporadic episodes ever since.

*The Doctor has also been known to use a key fob, to remotely lock and unlock the TARDIS, in the same way that we lock our cars.

*Despite having various keys and locking devices, some people have been able to just freely wander into the TARDIS, including people who later became companions.

*The first Doctor even unlocked the door using his ring!

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