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Locking the TARDIS

How does Doctor Who lock his door?

The TARDIS is an instantly recognisable cultural icon, and we all know how it can travel through time and space. But, do you know the different ways the Doctor can lock and unlock his door? It’s not as straightforward as you might think…

*He has a key, which he carries with him, and sometimes gives copies of to his companions. The key fits a traditional-looking lock, which he uses to lock and unlock the TARDIS door, from both the inside and outside. Incidentally, did you know, that real police box doors opened...

When is a door lock not just a door lock?


Continuing our series about doors from around the world, this week’s blog is about elaborate wooden door locks from Mali.


The locks we use on our front doors are usually small and functional, simply there to keep out intruders and unwanted guests from our homes. However, the Bamana people of Mali, West Africa, used their door locks for other reasons, too.


The Bamana who?

The Bamana people are the largest ethnic minority in Mali. They are farmers, who traditionally live in houses made of mud, with wooden doors. In the past, they used big, elaborate wooden door...