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Shaker Drawer fronts fitted onto IKEA METOD

This week, we take a look at one of our most popular requests.


We frequently get asked if we can make doors to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets, and the answer is yes! We make bespoke doors to fit any new or existing kitchen cabinets, including the popular IKEA METOD kitchen range. Our bespoke doors are ideal for customising kitchen cabinets of any size or design, and they really add individual character and charm to your kitchen.


Our kitchen cabinet doors are a sturdy 22mm thick, compared to IKEA’s, which are just 18-20mm. Instead of being mass-produced, our doors are lovingly made to order, by craftsmen in our Oxfordshire workshop.


So if you are looking to update your kitchen, consider adding Shaker Doors to fit your IKEA or other existing cabinets or units, regardless of their size or dimensions.

I have found quite a few place in the U.S doing this so am pleased to come across a U.K offering! Are the doors etc made from solid wood?

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