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Painted, Imitation Frame End Panel for IKEA METOD


  • Description
  • Material
  • Paint
  • Flat end panel imitation frame.

  • CNC produced from a single slab of high density, moisture resistant, highest quality MDF. Imitation frame width is 35mm. Panel is 22mm thick. Base rail/groove is designed to run inline with the top of the adjacent door rail. 

  • Colour matched to any mainstream paint supplier's colour. Let us know the colour you would like in the entry box above. Primer is sanded to perfection prior to top coat, allowing for a flawless finish, like glass to the touch. 10% flat matt super durable finish as standard. Other sheen levels available at request. Every effort is made to ensure a perfect match to your desired colour, however there may be slight variations due to differences in paint formulas.