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Our current lead time is 6 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.
Our current lead time is 3 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.

Measuring and Fitting Guide

Kitchen Doors

When your doors arrive, unpack them and please check to see if there has been any transit damage. If in the unlikely event that one is damaged please contact us immediately and we will courier out a replacement as a matter of urgency.

Take one door off your kitchen cabinet units at a time.

If you have ordered new hinges screw fix the hinges with the supplied screws to the door by putting the 35mm diameter hinge cup section into the hole and line up the hinge arm so that it sits outwards at 90 degrees to the door edge. Your old doors will give you a visual guide.

Remove the old hinge follower from the inside of the cabinet and replace with your new one using the euro screws supplied making sure that the middle screw is at the back.

Having checked that the hinge arms are flat, slide the door hinge arms on to the followers and tighten up the back screw. You will notice that there is a slot at the front of the follower. This needs to accept the back of the screw that you can see on the hinge arm to allow you to align the door later.

Repeat the process for all your doors.

Once all your doors are fitted you can adjust the position of the doors slightly by tuning either the front centre screw on the hinge arm to move left and right, or by loosing off the two screws on the follower slightly to move the door up or down.