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Our current lead time is 6 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.
Our current lead time is 3 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.

FAQ - Interior Doors

Q Can you make the doors to any size?

Interior doors can be made to measure to fit any size. Please contact us for any special requirements that you have.

Q Can I have angled doors?

Yes. Angled doors can be supplied if accurate dimensions are supplied. Please contact us for a free quotation. 

Q What are the doors made of?

We offer two different types of timber, Oak and Hardwood (Tulipwood).  All timber is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved sustainable sources.

Q Where does the wood come from?

Timber is carefully selected from prime grade oak. It is our policy to use only professionally kiln or air dried renewably sourced timber directly from European Mills. All our timber is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources. 

Q Will all my doors look identical?

There will be slight differences, due to timber being a natural product. You will get variations in colour, which should not be deemed a fault with the doors.

Q What is the thickness of the doors?

All internal doors are 34mm thick.

Q How are your doors made? 

For our internal doors we use a crown cut veneered 18mm thick centre panel, which provides a structurally sound base to the door. The grain of the timber always runs from bottom to top and will be uniform to the side outer rails. Each door is hand finished to remove any sharp edges.

Q How long will my doors take to produce?

Please ring or email us for latest lead time.

Q Do the doors come with hinges and other fittings already attached?

No. Our internal doors come with no fittings attached. You are required to purchase them separately. If you purchase hinges or other fittings from us they are packed separately so they do not damage your doors.

Q What should I use to clean my doors?

Dust with a dry soft cloth, then, simply wipe with minimal warm soapy water using a damp (not wet) soft cloth and dry with a soft clean cloth. 

DO NOT USE abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or other hypochlorite (chlorine) based cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, acetone, alcohol solvent or similar products on the doors as this will damage the surface. It is advisable to use a damp (not wet) cloth to remove fingerprints and marks, followed at once with a soft dry cloth. Cooking splashes should be wiped up immediately using a damp cloth.

Q Can I pick up my order from you?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your doors directly from our workshop in Oxfordshire. Ask us for more details.


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