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Hardwood Doors

Our interior doors feature a minimalist Shaker design that looks great in both traditional and contemporary style homes. 

The timber we use for all the painted doors is hardwoodThe plain (centre panels) of the door are made from durable MRDF.

For joints we use a tenon that sits in a mortice/rebate, the rebate runs the entire length of the door stile, the rail tenons are cut to the same length as the rebate; 30mm. The rebate accepts the centre panel as well as the rail tenons. Rails are also rebated to accept the centre panel. No mechanical fixings are present.

Door stile thickness is 34mm and rail width is 90mm, centre panel width is 20mm giving a rebate reveal of 7mm.

Our Hardwood Shaker doors are constructed exactly the same way and with the same care and attention as our solid oak doors.

All of our hardwood doors are supplied with 2 coats of primer already applied.