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Our current lead time is 6 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.
Our current lead time is 3 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.

FAQ - Cupboard and Wardrobe Doors

Q Can you make the doors to any size?

All of our kitchen doors can be made to virtually any size, up to 610mm wide and 2400mm tall. Please measure your existing doors or new units and input the sizes into the relevant areas on the website.

Q What is the thickness of the doors?

All cupboard doors are 22mm thick. We believe 22mm is the best thickness to optimise the strength. Any thinner and your door might warp. Any thicker and your door could be too heavy.

Q How are your doors made? 

For our kitchen doors we use a crown cut veneered 10mm thick centre panel which provides a structurally sound base to the door. The grain of the timber always runs from bottom to top and will be uniform to the side outer rails. 

Q Can I specify my own hinge positions, because they are different from the standard?

Yes. We can supply exactly to your specification, we just require the distance from the centre of the 35mm diameter hinge hole to the top.

Q How long will my doors take to produce?

Please ring or email us for latest lead time. 

Q Do the doors come with hinges and other fittings already attached?

No. Our doors come with no fittings attached. You are required to purchase them separately. If you purchase hinges or other fittings from us they are packaged separately so they do not damage your doors.

Q Can I have angled doors?

Yes. Angled doors can be supplied if accurate dimensions are supplied. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Q Can I pick up my order from you?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your doors directly from our workshop in Oxfordshire. Ask us for more details.


Have we forgotten anything?

If there is an issue or question not addressed here that you think should be, please let us know and we'll consider adding it to the list!