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IKEA METOD and Shaker Doors

Shaker Drawer fronts fitted onto IKEA METOD

This week, we take a look at one of our most popular requests.


We frequently get asked if we can make doors to fit IKEA kitchen cabinets, and the answer is yes! We make bespoke doors to fit any new or existing kitchen cabinets, including the popular IKEA METOD kitchen range. Our bespoke doors are ideal for customising kitchen cabinets of any size or design, and they really add individual character and charm to your kitchen.


Our kitchen cabinet doors are a sturdy 22mm thick, compared...

Work in Progress! 44mm Hardwood Doors by Shaker Doors


We’re making 4 Vertical Panel Hardwood Doors.

Unlike a standard door depth (34mm), the timber is 44mm thick, as our client is keen to ensure that these doors feel heavy and sturdy.

In this photo, the tulipwood has been cut and planed. The next stage will be creating the mortice and tennon joint.

Be sure to check our blog for more work in progress reports!


Shaker Doors for Pocket Doors


Looking for a wow-factor in your home or workplace? Consider adding pocket doors! These concealed sliding doors are a great room dividing solution for open plan spaces, especially dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchens and offices. Pocket doors are also a simple way to increase space in smaller rooms.


We recently supplied pocket doors to our client Mr Tebbutt in London. He wanted to use the Eclisse sliding door system for telescopic pocket doors, meaning that two doors have to have a rebate at a certain measurement. As a joinery company, we are familiar with Eclisse...

CE Marking and Shaker Doors


CE marking has long been mandatory on products such as toys and electronics. 

On the 1st July 2013, the application of the CE mark was extended to construction products. Glazed doors and windows used externally were immediately affected by this and making it compulsory for all external door sets and patio door sets and windows to be CE marked. 

Conformity of declaration for external window and doors...

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It's constantly updated with new projects from both in the workshop, and out on site.                                   

Simply click on the logo and see...

The Manufacturing Process

This week at Shaker Doors, we have been building a series of panelled oak doors. I have taken some time to give you a little insight into our manufacturing process and how we maintain our high standards.

All oak used for our doors must first reach our high specification to ensure the best quality from the start. Once the timber has been selected it is then checked for bows and knots. These natural defects of the timber are sawn out of the lengths which are used in the building of the doors. The defects are discarded as scrap but not...

Using Natural Light

Spring has sprung and so have the bluebells here in Freeland; so dig out your shorts, not because we can but because we ought!

Spring is a very exciting time at Shaker Doors. When the clouds part and the sun finally shines, it gives the team a chance to work outside the entrance of the workshop. This not only creates a happier workforce; but also allows the team to make the most of the natural light. The industrial Halogen lamps along with the ample amount of ceiling windows that flood the workshop with both natural and artificial light during the...

Choosing The Right Doors For Your Home

Choosing new doors needs as much care as picking out furniture.

So, what to go for?

According to a recent article on Channel4 available at:, doors can create just as much of an impression as a costly piece of furniture. They are touched and seen close up every day, so don't just go for the cheapest replacements - try to match the style to the rest of your home's features as much as possible.

Wood – the natural choice

Wood is the natural choice - every piece is exclusive and helps to give your...