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Our current lead time is 6 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.
Our current lead time is 3 weeks for most items. Please contact us for further information.

Shaker Doors and Jack Daniels

We had another icy morning, but at last we have sunshine and it feels pleasantly warm. 

Our joinery workshop in rural Oxfordshire has no doubt been freezing cold. We only have a wood burner to keep us warm. Although it is an industrial burner, in a vast workshop, it only takes the edge off the cold air. Even it is now April, in this cold weather, thermal long johns are a must

Anyway, I should begin this week's topic.  You might be surprised to know that there is something in common between Shaker Doors and the world famous bourbon. 

Our solid oak doors are made from American Oak and so far they come from the Appalachian region. The supplier that it came from is based in Alabama and they draw their logs in from the surrounding states. We have a supplier in Tennessee too, so the logs will come from Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Equally, Jack Daniels’ barrels are all made from American Oak and their wood is sourced mainly from the same regions as ours. For whiskey makers, barrel is said to be a very important part of the recipe. It is while maturing for years inside the charred oak barrels that sweet flavour and aromas slowly make their way into the whiskey, forming its amber colour. It is fascinating how they take care of their oak and the process of making barrels. You can watch ‘the birth of barrel’ from Jack Daniel’s website.

You can also buy Oak chips, which are shredded from genuine oak barrels that contained whiskey. These smoking chips will be perfect for a bbq, adding the distinctive flavour of Jack Daniel's to all your grilled foods!

Unfortunately our Oak chips have no luscious flavour and the only way to go is our wood burner to keep us warm. (Or if you would like them, you are welcome to collect from our workshop for free.)

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