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Shaker Doors for Pocket Doors


Looking for a wow-factor in your home or workplace? Consider adding pocket doors! These concealed sliding doors are a great room dividing solution for open plan spaces, especially dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, kitchens and offices. Pocket doors are also a simple way to increase space in smaller rooms.


We recently supplied pocket doors to our client Mr Tebbutt in London. He wanted to use the Eclisse sliding door system for telescopic pocket doors, meaning that two doors have to have a rebate at a certain measurement. As a joinery company, we are familiar with Eclisse sliding door systems and we were able to offer our service without any hesitation. We supplied Glazed 4 Panel Oak Doors to Mr Tebbutt, and below is his feedback.


“I decided I’d like a pair of pocket doors. And I also decided that shaker-style with satin glass would work well because they were dividing a bedroom from a utility room and bathroom. The doors needed a rebate in the bottom to accommodate the guide pegs in the floor. Most doors were useless because they couldn’t be rebated enough. Then I found Shaker Doors in Oxford.


Because the stiles and rails are made of solid oak, they were perfect for the job. The company pointed out that, because part of the trailing stile would be hidden in the wall, perhaps it would be a good idea to widen that stile, so everything matched when the doors were fully extended. The end result was brilliant. So good, in fact, that we ordered an extra one for an internal door.


Now, when the pocket doors are fully extended and the internal door is open, they all line up beautifully. I couldn’t be more delighted.”

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