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The Ovolo (or Ovulo)

From the name of our company, Shaker Doors, you wouldn’t be wrong to think that we specialise in just that. These, however, aren’t the only style of doors we pride ourselves by.

The Ovolo put simply is “the curved bit”. The word itself originates from Italian and is diminutive of ovo 'egg', from Latin ovum.

It is often referred to as part of a Georgian Bar or Egg-And-Dart moulding which are more commonly known in the architectural field.

Its intended purpose is to hide or soften any inside edge it may be used in.  

For me, the Ovolo adds a whole new dimension to the door (literally.) A Shaker Doors crisp, clean lines are perfect in any kitchen/living room/wherever, IF that suits the décor of your home. It may be that simply adding an Ovolo moulding to your door could be more in keeping with the current style of your home. It may be that you just prefer a bit of detail on your Kitchen doors.  It does however all boil down to a case of taste.

Whether it’s your kitchen doors, internal doors or external doors, ask yourself; “Do I prefer shaker door style or Ovolo Style?”


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